Dec 1 2014

Libby Lloyde

We thought WOW! this guy’s good

“My son’s getting his new home built and I’m organising it because I’ve had lots of experience. We’d chosen some polished porcelain tiles for the bathroom which I know are not easy to work with so I was dreading getting some dodgy tiler. For that reason we decided to only go up to the minimum height in the bathroom.

James started tiling and we thought WOW! this guy’s good. So we decided to go higher with the tiles. Because James was so good at what he was doing, we then decided to get him to tile the whole living area — which we never would have done otherwise.

Now I’m getting him to do tiling at my house. We’ve got a courtyard that’s had some waterproofing issues so we’re ripping up the old tiles and getting James in to do the waterproofing and the new tiling. We just lucked in getting James as our tiler.”